Autorouter Evolution

Autorouters have been around for decades, and the SimplifyDA autorouters are the next step in the evolution. The SimplifyDA autorouters combine the best features from gridless and shape based routers with smarter algorithms to produce a genuinely desirable and more productive topology autorouter.


A process for defining and editing routing groups.

  • Groups and paths can be created and edited.
  • Pin groups can be created and used to form Groups
  • Groups can be created from pin groups or by selecting guides.
  • Add or remove nets to an existing Group.
  • The flow paths can be edited in order to fine-tune the location of the routing.
  • The database can be saved and read into the Free SimplifyViewer for viewing.
  • The saved database can also be read into the SimplifyPCB router for rapid prototyping and running multiple what-if scenarios to ensure routes will conform to the desired path.

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    A state of the art autorouter providing hand-like results in a stand-alone applicaton which interfaces with most major EDA vendors.

    • Flow groups and paths can be, defined, routed, and modified
      any number of times for best results
    • Define flow groups by selecting nets
    • Add or remove nets to a group flow
    • Editable flow paths
    • Fast topology routing
    • Perform feasibility studies
    • Perform layer requirement evaluations
    • BGA breakouts
    • Perform pin swaps for best routability
    • Perform multiple “what-if” scenarios
    • Push-n-Shove tuning
    • Effectively Estimate Routing Costs
    • Co-Design PCB and Package designs
    • Use in conjunction with SimplifyPKG to define pin assignments for package designs.


    A cutting edge autorouter provides the designer with the flexibility to perform feasibility studies and pin assignments in package design.

    • IC Package routing
    • Flip-Chip routing
    • Wirebond routing
    • Routing layer estimation
    • Pin-out assignment
    • Fast routes for analysis/simulation
    • Packaging creation
    • Bundle planning
    • Routing for net assignment
    • Pin assignment optimization for multi-die packaging

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    Flat Panel Design (FPD)

    Circuit design environment covering each design phase from simulation, layout design and LVS verification.

    • Design and verification environment integrating circuit input, simulation execution control and waveform measurement
    • Array structure definition function corresponding to FPD circuit configuration
    • Parametric definition function of the parasitic wiring effect model and back annotation I / F
    • User I / F corresponding to shortcut keys and handwritten command input


    Read our 2019 DesignCon interview with Andy Shaughnessy of the PCB007 Magazine here.

    May 23, 2019 SimplifyDA releases the brand new SimplifyPLANR

    About SimplifyDA

    Simplify Design Automation, Inc. was founded in April 2012 by veterans of the EDA industry with extensive experience in physical design automation. SimplifyDA has developed patented innovative technology which revolutionizes the physical design process and becomes the next generation in design methodology.

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      SimplifyDA will protect the information gathered on this site and it will not be shared with or sold to any third party.